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Water is Life

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Developer-Funded Projects

There are two major categories falling within this group and these are

New Water Reticulation Systems

Developers apply to Blantyre Water Board to provide water supply mainly to newly developed areas. The application also serves the opportunity for Blantyre Water Board to advise the developer whether it would be feasible to supply the area or not using the existing water supply system. All the costs of materials and civil works are born by the developer. However, pipe laying is done by the Board.

If it is required to provide a new major pipeline in order to supply the area, the cost is still born by the developer. Where water pressures and volumes are not satisfactory, the developer is advised accordingly.
When a project is declared feasible, the minimum period for actual works to commence after payment is three calendar months to allow for procurement of materials. For these projects, execution is always done by contractors.

Some of the regular developers applying for water reticulation include Blantyre City Council, Malawi Housing Corporation and Department of Lands. Other organizations which Blantyre Water Board has dealt with are Press Properties Limited on water reticulation to Chapima Heights to serve over 500 planned plots, Nyumba Yanu Project on water reticulation to Maone Nyumba Yanu Housing Project, the Ministry of Home Affairs on water reticulation and installation of individual connections to Police compounds.

Re-routing of Pipelines

It is the policy of Blantyre Water Board that no structure shall be constructed on top of its pipelines to avoid damage to property or lives in case of pipe bursts and leakages, and for ease of maintenance works.

When new developments tend to affect the existing water supply pipelines, the owner applies to the Board for possible re-routing to allow for easy implementation of the works. Large scale re-routing works arise, for example, when roads are being upgraded where the corridor extends beyond the initial design.
In such instances the Board requires the owner to bear the cost of all the civil works and pipe materials for replacement. Just as in new water reticulation, construction works are usually done by contractors.

The major pipeline re-routing applications originate from Blantyre City Council and Roads Authority.

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