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Environmental Management

The quality of water is monitored at the treatment plants as well as at the consumers' points within the distribution network. Water Samples are collected at all stages of treatment processes hourly and tested for physical and chemical parameters. Other samples are collected randomly within the distribution network daily and tested for physical and biological parameters.

Full chemical analysis is done on water samples collected monthly from both sources of water supply and after treatment. All the parameters are tested against the National Standards and the WHO Guidelines.Environmental management programs have been initiated for Shire River Basin and Ndirande-Mudi Catchments.

The Shire River Basin Catchment is so vast and as such a multi- sectoral approach has been used to combat the environmental degradation especially for the upper and middle Shire. Blantyre Water Board has partnered with other stakeholders such as UNDP, MCC, JICA and Environmental Affairs Department in several projects that are aimed at combating the environmental degradation of the middle and upper Shire. Most of the initiatives undertaken by these projects include re-afforestation of the river banks, alternative income generating business support for charcoal traders and sustainable land management practices.

The Ndirande- Mudi Catchment which covers an area of 890 hactres has been encroached by people living around the catchment and this has resulted in the pollution and siltation of the dam from the anthropogenic activities taking place in the catchment. The catchment was gazetted in 2008 as a water controlled area and since then Blantyre Water Board through the Ndirande-Mudi Catchment Management Committee has been reclaiming the land from the encroachers and the reclaimed land has been re-afforested with trees

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